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Mosaic Cutting and Making Process

One of the things that make our mosaics so unique is that each and every tile is cut by hand by the artist as they assemble the piece.  As we you will see in the mosaic making process, cutting the tiles is just one of the steps in creating beautiful and unique mosaics, here is a brief look at this process.
  • The artist cuts the mosaic tiles depending on raw material they're dealing with, stone tiles require a tool called a nipper whereas glass tiles require a similar tool but with wheels instead of blades making it more delicate
  • The key to using these tools our artists tell us, is experience and confidence; if they cut too quickly they risk miss-aligning their cut, too slowly and they risk crushing the mosaic tiles and leaving them with curved or ragged edges
  • They start with large sheets of stone or glass from which they cut their mosaic tiles with liberty according to the creativity of each artist.
It's an almost hypnotic process, and watching them work is a real pleasure. 
Each and every one of our mosaics are created with hand-cut mosaic tiles of the finest quality natural marble to ensure that their color and vibrancy don't fade over time and to allow our mosaics to be installed both indoors and outdoors. 

Below is the process that leads to the creation of each of our mosaics:


  1. We start by printing an actual size image of the piece we want to make, and then we calculate the overall area and the number of mosaic tiles needed to complete it.
  2. We then select the color palate for the piece from our extensive range of natural marble mosaic tiles. 
  3. We cover the printed image with a nylon sheet, followed by the mesh backing that will form the base of the mosaic.
  4. To ensure absolute accuracy and detail in each piece, all three layers are fixed together securely before we start to mark and assemble the mosaic.
  5. The border of the mosaic is then marked carefully to ensure that the application of the mosaic tiles will be precise and to scale.

  1. The artist commissioned for the creation of the mosaic then hand cuts mosaic tiles with care, expertise and flair.
  2. A strong adhesive glue is then applied to the mesh backing prior to the artist starting to position the mosaic tiles.
  3. Working on the main lines of the image first, our artist lays mosaic tiles down side by side, taking great care to ensure that the intricate design is brought to life one tile at a time.
  4. Once the main lines of the image have been created, the artist then delves into the detail of the mosaic until the piece is completed.
  5. Throughout the creation process, the surface of the mosaic is continually cleaned with a supple cloth to prevent any excess adhesive from accumulating.
  6. The completed mosaic is then allowed to rest for at least 6 hours to ensure that the adhesive has dried, the mosaic tiles are securely bound to the mesh backing and the piece is perfect.
  7. The mosaic is then carefully packaged and shipped to its rightful home!

Mozaic Making Process Mozaic Making Process Mozaic Making Process Mozaic Making Process
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