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Benefits of Mosaic Tiles

In addition to allowing for the personalization of a space, for the addition of color, depth and vibrancy, using mosaic tile in a home or work space has other benefits, some of which may be apparent, others less so.
  1. Durable - due to the raw materials that our mosaics are made with (stone, marble and glass), and the centuries old technique we use to make them, they are incredibly durable and will last for longer than any other types of coverings
  2. Easy to maintain - once installed, a mosaic tile floor, wall, backsplash or simple decorative element is almost maintenance free.  It simply needs to be cleaned as with any other area of the house, and as long as the mosaic tile has been installed properly (please see our mosaic installation guide) will require no maintenance whatsoever
  3. Adds value - making improvements to a home is always a costly endeavor, however when these improvements add value to the home, then they become a smart investment.  Mosaic tile floors and walls have been prized throughout history for their decorative and durable value, and homeowners today still look for these unique elements when buying a new home

  1. Entirely customizable - as we don't work with pre-cut mosaic tile or mass produce designs, we can provide entirely unique and personalized designs for our customers, no matter the color palate, size or shape required
  2. Hygienic - as our mosaic tile is non-porous, waterproof and chemical safe once installed and sealed, it makes for a very hygienic addition to a home.  Germs and bacteria cannot feed or live on mosaic tile making it safe for all areas of the home
  3. Unaffected by humidity - this is one of the key benefits of using mosaic tile in a bathroom or kitchen.  No matter the level of humidity or heat, the tiles remain unaffected, needing a simple clean to regain their original luster and shine
  4. Versatile – our mosaics can be installed both indoor and outdoor to truly customize and entire space

These are all factors to take into consideration when deciding on the finishes in your home, and are why we consider mosaics to be second to none as far as floor and wall coverings are concerned.  Beautiful, personalized, hassle free, safe and durable; what more could we ask for?

Benefits of Mosaic Tiles Benefits of Mosaic Tiles Benefits of Mosaic Tiles Benefits of Mosaic Tiles
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